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keeping tabs on the prison break alumni

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Post Prison Break Cast News
Welcome to postprisonbreak, your one-stop shop for keeping up with the latest news on the cast and crew of Fox’s Prison Break.

The rules of the community are simple but important, so please take a moment to read them before posting.

• No paparazzi shots, please, unless it's a set photo beneficial to the post.
• Please keep the posts about the actors’ projects, not personal lives.
• Only community members can create new posts, but comments are open to all.
• All posts must include a source.
• Please tag your posts with the actor’s name and the title of the project/show/movie.
• Please consider the spoilerphobes amongst us, and warn accordingly.
• Please put all gigantic photographs, numerous photos and huge blocks of text behind an lj-cut.
• No hotlinking.
• Play nice, and have fun!

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